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Great turnout at Garden Party!

Well, for our first event of the season, the Garden Party was a success! We gave away the entire flat of 50 plants generously donated by Welby Gardens wholesalers.

Lots of folks brought transplants and seeds to swap. I know that members of my family were very happy with some great cuttings!

Thanks to Ruby and Jojo, lots of folks made grocery bags from t-shirts.

Jocelyn held several Zumba mini-classes in RAMERC's beautiful little studio.

Elliot gave a few quick "master classes" on succulents.

Sweet Sweetz sold awesome cakes and cookies.

Ephemeral Rotating Taphouse came by to give us the lowdown on what's in store. Excited! Coffee, beer, market. Neighborhood soft opening coming soon.

We signed up lots of members for the neighborhood assn reboot. Those who sign up before the end of May will be entered into a raffle for some great plants that Stacy is providing! No cost to becoming a member of the Association! Sign up here!

We need YOU to make the neighborhood association strong and our neighborhood vibrant! Join us!

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