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Discover Denver citywide building survey is coming to or neighborhood!

Discover Denver, a citywide building survey with the mission of identifying buildings throughout the city having historical, cultural, or architectural significance, begins work in Northeast Denver in April. The survey will focus on the Skyland, Clayton, Five Points, and Whittier neighborhoods.

Over the past 8 years, Discover Denver has documented buildings and engaged residents in neighborhoods throughout the city. Community volunteers play a key role in our project, documenting the features of buildings and researching their histories. You can learn more about Discover Denver on the project’s website, at .

The project is gathering information about all Denver buildings using public records, academic research, and tips from the public. Findings from the survey will soon be accessible online so that everyone can learn about Denver’s past — building by building.

Historic Denver, Inc. and the City and County of Denver lead this project, funded mainly by a Colorado State Historical Fund grant.

Through the end of the year, residents and business owners will experience minimal – if any – impact from volunteer surveyors working in their neighborhood. Survey volunteers observe a property from the public street or sidewalk, taking notes on its architectural features and physical integrity (whether or not the building retains its historic features). Volunteers will have project-specific identification and should identify themselves to you if asked. No one associated with Discover Denver will enter or access your property without your permission.

Community input is key to the success of the project! Tell us your stories and learn more about the project at .

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