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Civic Assn Relaunch in Progress!

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Interested in meeting neighbors? Have an idea for a project to improve the neighborhood? Let's relaunch our North City Park Civic Association! It has been silently slumbering for several years. Now is the time to give it some TLC, join together and bring it back to life -- better than ever!

In July, we can submit the docs to formally get the Association back on the City's books and in the information pipeline. To register, we must have:

  • A list of our organizational officers

  • A list of active participants

  • Communication methods outlined

  • Description of our governance structures and processes

  • Information about times and places of the meetings

  • The schedule for electing officers.

Building on Strengths

North City Park Civic Association has a decades-long history with a strong emphasis on welcoming new neighbors, partnering with neighborhood churches & schools, and supporting & initiating community improvement projects.

The Association can be what we want it to be. We are stronger together. We can build on each of our strengths.

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