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The North City Park Civic Association (NCPCA) was first organized over 50 years ago for the purpose of creating and maintaining a better quality of life for all people residing in the North City Park/Skyland area.

Victories over the Years

NCPCA was responsible for obtaining new street lights & alley dumpsters, led neighborhood cleanups and graffiti patrols, pushed for getting alleys paved and sidewalk improvements, and forced crack houses to shut down. 

Past committees include:

  • Zoning and Planning

  • Buddy System

  • Telephone Tree

  • Welcome New Neighbor

  • Newsletter

North City Park Civic Association has always operated on a minimal budget, supported by resident’s yearly membership fees and a series small project-specific grants.

We look forward to re-establishing this very important institution in our community!

Neighborhood Boundaries

North City Park | Skyland is bound by York Street, MLK Blvd, Colorado Blvd. and 23rd Avenue.

Link to Denver Neighborhoods PDF.

NCP map.jpg

The Benefits of a Neighborhood Association that is a Registered Neighborhood Organization (RNO)

"RNOs are groups formed by residents and property owners within a neighborhood who meet regularly and whose organizational and contact information is kept on file with the city’s Community Planning and Development Department. Like all organizations active in the Denver community, RNOs are an important part of the fabric of the city and play a key role in the ongoing effort to make Denver a great place to live and work.

RNO representatives receive notification of proposed zoning amendments, landmark designation applications, planning board and board of adjustment hearings, liquor and cabaret licenses and other activities occurring in the neighborhood as stipulated in the ordinance." Source

Neighborhood representation on important issues. 

When the City is considering policies, projects or other changes that may directly impact our neighborhood, the RNO is where they turn for neighborhood voice.

Zoning & planning notifications. 

When an application for a zoning amendment is submitted, one requirement is to reach out to the RNO for feedback.

License applications.

The RNO is informed about license applications for liquor & cabaret, marijuana, and other types of institutions and facilities.

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